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Mr. Li Yanming, the Vice President of POWERCHINA Visits SEPCOIII Yanbu Phase III Project for Inspection and Work Guidance

2018-10-17 10:42:40

From October 14th to 15th, Li Yanming, the vice president of Powerchina group, Zhang Yongping, the general manager of Powerchina power construction division, Wu Wenhao, the general manager of mid-east and north Africa region of Powerchina, total 9 persons visited Yanbu III project for inspection and work guidance. Wang Li, the president of SEPCOIII, Liu Fangjiang, the vice president of SEPCOIII and Mid-east manager companied with the visiting.

During the visiting, Mr. Li visited the construction site and inquired the detailed conditions and confirmed the work. He praised the work on Unit I to be pushed within the short time and the lack of manpower. After that, work conference was organized, Chen Yunpeng, the assisted of general manager and the project of Yanbu III project introduced the operation of the project, the achievement of SEPCOIII in mid-east region, and the deep communication on some issues was made.

After the introduction, Mr. Zhang Yongping made a speech: in all time and all place of the project, I felt the great shock and small detailed perfect, I felt the management system existing everywhere, and I felt the power of party organization. In the bad condition left by the original contractor, You achieved the target of unit I in advance with the Chinese speed and fulfilled the promise. Your work reached the effect that is to build a project, set up a monument, make a regional friend, expand a piece of market, and cultivated a group of cadres. I am proud for you and your work.

Mr. Li pointed out that SEPCOIII has been operating the mid-east region market for many years, created great achievement, establish excellent brand image, which are always confirmed by Powerchina. In the hard circumstance, the project team completed the target of the Unit I and presented the strong power of SEPCOIII, which made the proud for Powerchian and China. The completion of the rest units will make continuous development for SEPCOII and Powerchian rooting in mid-east region. Mr. Li also expressed the care and thanks to all staffs on behalf of Powerchina.

For continuously completing the work better, Mr. Li required the followings:

The first is to enhance the consciousness of the whole situation, completed all coordination and cooperation in the overall chain of ECPO. The key for pushing project efficiently is the excellent coordination and cooperation. The project should take good advantage of individual excellence and collective coordination to push the project. Besides, the project should do the party construction and the work of caring and training of staffs with the guidance of company party committee, which will pave good guarantee for the project.

The second is to expand the mid-east market based on the project. SEPCOIII should base on the efficient performance of the project, take good use of global resources management to ensuring the expanding of market, which will also bring the development of Powerchina in mid-east and the world. In the meanwhile, SEPCOIII should push the internal resources relocation of Powerchina and help the development of brother companies.

The third is to pay more attention on safety work. The construction area is big and the project should strengthen the control of all chain safety work and ensure all safety under control.

The fourth is to continuous care staffs issues. The project should make the work about party, youth and trade union better to ensure all staffs to have good work and living condition.

Finally, Mr. Wang made a speech for expressing attitude, Mr. Wang emphasized that the project will practice all requirements and arrangements of Mr. Li in the future work, carry forward the work style “initiative, overtaking and persistent”, overcome all difficulties and complete all work on time, achieve the mission and promise to complete all targets successfully.

During the visit, Mr. Li also visited the staff living area and interviewed the staffs.

The visit of Mr. Li makes a clear direction and injects new energy for the project. Next, all staffs of the project will enhance the responsibility, challenge and overcome difficulties to deliver a satisfied project to the owner.