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Zhang Weifeng, executive vice district governor of Luozhuang District visited Hubei Road comprehensive reconstruction project

2018-6-8 7:55:51

On June 6th, 2018, Zhang Weifeng, executive vice district governor of Luozhuang District, led the district government office, finance bureau, housing and construction bureau, traffic police brigade, power supply department, Shengzhuang street and other related government departments to the on-site office of Hubei Road comprehensive reconstruction project. Solve problems in project implementation.

At 2:30 in the afternoon, District Mayor Zhang and his party were accompanied by the project team and went deep into the construction site. They listened carefully to the project manager Yue Xishan’s work report, and detailedly understood and viewed the main obstacles that affected the construction on site. According to the actual situation at the scene, the relevant issues were thoroughly discussed and arranged. The relevant government departments expressed their full cooperation and cleared away the obstacles affecting the progress of the Hubei Road project.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, District Mayor Zhang organized and coordinated the special project of the project of Hubei Road. The leaders of the headquarters, the Housing and Construction Bureau, the Finance Bureau, the traffic police brigade, the power supply department, and the costume street took part in the meeting. At the meeting, Yuexi Shan, the project manager, gave a detailed report on the progress of the comprehensive reconstruction project of Hubei Road and the issues affecting the construction. The headquarters explained the existing problems and made a statement. District Mayor Zhang affirmed the full spirit of the project department and a reasonable construction organization. At the same time, he commended the project department for actively promoting and coordinating relevant government departments to carry out their work. Arrangements and deployments were made on an issue-by-item basis, and the Housing and Development Bureau and the Finance Bureau were tasked with taking the lead to implement the solution. In the end, Zhang Qu Zhang made a concluding speech and encouraged the project department to overcome difficulties and not fear the hardships. He created a “Changan Street” with complete functions and unimpeded access for Luozhuang District.

District Mayor Zhang ’s on-site office work further promoted the handling of obstacles on the site and coordinated the deployment of problem-solving solutions, which played a positive role in accelerating the project’s advancement. The project department will use this as an opportunity to continue to strengthen coordination and coordination with the local government, to solve the problem-solving measures, accelerate the progress of the project, and ensure that the target task is completed on schedule.